Questing Quill – February 2015

The February Questing Quill is now online.

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New Heraldry Books!

The Barony of Loch Salann Heraldry office has recently acquired some new books to add to our library to assist you in researching your name or device! Recently added are:

A Glossary of Terms Used in Heraldry  
by James Parker

Mittelhochdeutsches Namenbuch, 1903 – Primary Source Edition (German Edition)  
by Adolf Socin

Dictionnaire Etymologique des Noms de Lieux en France
by A. and Rostaing, C. Dauzat

The Concise Oxford Dictionary of English Place-Names  
by Eilert Ekwall

Dictionnaire des noms de famille et prénoms de France   
by Albert Dauzat

Welsh Surnames   
by T.J Morgan

If you would like to check out any of these or any of our other library books, please contact Saige at

The list of additional available books can be located at:

We would love to loan these books out and help you on your way towards submitting your name and device. There will also be a heraldry table set up at Defender’s Tourney so feel free to stop by and toss ideas around, do some research and maybe submit some paperwork!

In Service to the Dream,
Duchess Saige verch Laurens
Crystal Pursuivant Loch Salann

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2015 Winter Fighter Practice Update

Fighters of Loch Salann! With permission of the Baron and Knight Marshall I make the following announcement! After MUCH looking, and looking, and did I mention looking. We have found a site for fighter practice! We will be starting next Tuesday January 13th from 6-8pm at the Derby Depot!
Address: 1415 South 700 West, #17
It is the back part of the building, look for the DERBY DEPOT signs
Details: The rental agreement requires that NO outside food or drink is allowed on site. Water bottles are the exception to that rule. Please bring water for yourself!
Please note the time change! Practice is starting at 6pm and we must be out PROMPTLY at 8pm.
I mentioned rental agreement. We are required to pay for this site. The rental cost is $65 per hour. Thus we are going to need your help to pay for this site. We are asking that all participants be prepared to chip in for the rental each week. We are asking for $5 dollar donation per practice however we will take all donations large or small. The barony will be doing some fundraising to help offset costs.
If you have any questions, I your friendly Exchequer, will be at practice on 13 January to answer those. The Baron, Baroness, Seneschal, and Knight Marshall are also happy to answer any questions you may have!
Thank you to the MULTIPLE people who worked to try to find a site. You are so appreciated!
Aingeal Inghean Garaidh
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Questing Quill – January 2015

The January Questing Quill is now online.

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Defenders Tournament 2015

Dear daring denizens of the distinguished demesnes Loch Salann,
Behold, the dastardly demon decapod deigns to descend upon our dignified domain yet again on March 14th 2015. He has disremembered how our dashing defenders decisively defeated him last year. Be warned! We have received disgustingly dreadful documents reporting that this deleterious degenerate is determined to dismember our delightful and somewhat dashing dignitary Dunkr. Daring defenders, we deeply desire your aid to deliver dear Dunkr from this disastrous demise.

Click here for Event Info

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Solstice – Tomorrow! 13 Dec 2014

Can you believe that Solstice Court is tomorrow! We can hardly wait to spend time with friends, old and new! Here is a tentative schedule for the day’s events. As always times are approximate-ish.

9 am- Site Opens
10:30 am- Opening Court
Between the end of Morning Court and the beginning of Closing Court: Youth Activities, Chess Tournament, Cribbage Tournament, Dance Class, Silent Heraldry Classes, etc.
4 pm- Closing Court
7 pm- Feast
9 pm- Site Closes

Site Adress:
Discovery Christian Church –5929 South 900 East Murray, Utah

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Yard Sale at Solstice Court

This year at Solstice Court the Barony of Loch Salann will be having a Baronial Yard Sale to help fund essential Baronial activities and supplies. Please stop by the sale and have a look through to see if there is something you’ve been wanting!

If you have SCA relevant goods that you would like to donate to the sale (time to clean out those basements and make room for new!) please contact Adele via emial: AdeleBeck (at) gmail (dot) com.

Also, Adele is looking for volunteers to help at the table.  If you have time to help, please let her know.

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Kids at Solstice Court

Did you know that this year at Solstice Court: children 17 years old and younger (who are attending with a parent or legal guardian) have no site fee?

So bring the kids!  There will be youth activities provided by our wonderful youth officers!  They will be able to make ornaments to give parents as well as create a ribbon wand similar to those that were so popular at our last coronation!  There might even be a visit from Father Christmas for good boys and girls!

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More Solstice Court Updates

So…what is there to do at Solstice Court?

•The lovely Bengta from Gryphon’s Lair will be teaching a class on Norse Whipcord Braiding. She will have materials, Larger kids are welcome, smaller kids are welcome with a parent

•We have the privilege of having Nesscia, the Society Silent Heraldry Deputy, join us and there will be three classes!!!
1-Sign Class: open to all ages and all skill levels, kids can come with their parents, and we’ll teach some signs, including some that are specific to the SCA and to Artemisia.
2- Q&A/round table: what a silent herald does, the job, the rules, etc.
3- “Hands on” heralding class: practice what it’s like to sign announcements, awards, etc.

•Love games? There will be two…yes TWO tournaments at Solstice Court. The traditional Cribbage tourney and a chess tournament will both be happening! If you like to play bring your boards and join in! Come watch the exhalation and agony of those competing to be named the 2014 Solstice Court cribbage champion!

•The Loch Salann Herald will have a consult table! This would be a fantastic time to speak with a herald about submitting your name and/or device!

•Baroness Elizabeth will be teaching several different period dances!
So much to do! Don’t miss out!

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Solstice Court Update!

Only 5 days until Solstice Court!  Here are a few tidbits that may help you plan your day!  There will be food available for lunch (fundraiser) and during our wonderful feast.  For those who enjoy some holiday cheer (of the adult type) with your feasts you will be happy to know that the site is wet!

There will be a table decorating contest!  Bring your beautiful settings and lovely decorations to make your table at feast really beautiful!  Don’t forget those candles!  Open flame (well attended and responsibly used) is allowed at this site!  Let’s make feast something truly magical!

Bring your banners to decorate the hall!  Help us transform the mundane space into a medieval hall fit for Kings and Queens!


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