Welcome to Loch Salann!

Welcome to the Salt Lake City chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism. We are a branch of the Kingdom of Artemisia, which covers most of Utah, Idaho, Montana, and parts of Wyoming and Colorado.

The Barony of Loch Salann’s main activities occur primarily in and around Salt Lake City, Utah. Our regional coverage also includes: Midvale, Kearns, Park City, Sandy, West Valley, and Tooele. Other nearby groups include the Barony of Gryphon’s Lair, centered in Ogden, the Province of Arrow’s Flight, centered in Provo, and the Shire of Cote du Ciel, centered in Logan.

As a collective group, we regularly sponsor medieval oriented events throughout most of Utah, southern Idaho, Montana, and the parts of Colorado and Wyoming that are west of the Continental Divide. Local activities also include regular gatherings in which our members practice and enjoy the various medieval activities that interest them.

New to the SCA World?

If so, you probably have many questions, and you are not sure where to begin. Do not feel discouraged, we have created a page just for you that contains a load of information to help get you started.

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Latest News & Posts

Solstice Court 2015

The days are growing shorter and Solstice Court is rapidly approaching. In only one month from today we will be celebrating the investiture of our new Baron and Baroness, Lord Æylwin de Spencer and HE Amanda de Spencer. Please come...

Rapier Fighter Practice

Hello to the Loch’s Rapier fighters. Upon discussion with my deputy, Ulrich Von Grimme, I came to the decision to put fighter practice for RAPIER on hold for the next 2 weeks until we move indoors starting on Tuesday, 3...

Baron’s Words – October 2015

Unto the Most Ancient Barony of Loch Salann do We, Dunkr and Owna send greetings! The mountains around the Loch are ablaze with the colors of autumn and it will be only a matter of weeks before the legendary snows...
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Heavy Combat

Ever dream of swinging a sword in full armor like Knights of long ago? Or using a Great Axe to break through your enemies defenses? Ever wanted to lead an epic charge across the field to crush a shield wall? Then heavy combat might just be for you.

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Rapier Combat

Using blunt steel swords this is a game of grace, speed, precision and elegance. Its been called “Chess at 90mph”, but at times it feels faster than that! Learn from period masters like Capo Ferro, Gigante, Fabris, and others.

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Ranged Weapons

Try your hand at piercing the bulls-eye whether it be a knife, axe, spear, or even a bow and arrow. We can set you on the right path with our Archery and Thrown weapon programs where you can hone your skills and have some ranged fun.

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Arts & Sciences

How did you make that? Can you teach me? If you find yourself asking this a lot, then Arts & Sciences might be for you. A sample of activities include sewing, wood carving, leather working, blacksmithing, and even brewing!

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