Zoolights 2014


Hogle Zoo has invited the Barony of Loch Salann to participate in their yearly promo called “ZooLights” It is an opportunity to help promote the zoo and give back to the community as well as promote the SCA.

The Zoo is providing us with 20 x 30 heated pavilion and an extra room for storage. They are going to advertise our group on their website, radio ads and any other advertising they do. The pavilion is for our guilds to hold demos. For example, heraldry, pewter casting, calligraphy, and any others that would like to do a demo. They have even given us permission to have a forge (yeah Heinrich) on the property.

I would like to extend this invitation to the musicians guild as well. I would love to set the correct ambiance for our guests.

Heavy and rapier fighters are allowed on the zoo grounds as well. They are also trying to round up fencing for an aeric or two for us and anything else we may need, if they can.

We can hand out our flyers but are not allowed sell anything. We have permission to have food in the pavilion but need to clean up after ourselves.

It is on December 6th. It starts at 5:30 and ends at 9:00, but we do not have to stay the whole time. I have arranged for us to be on site at 1:00 to set up and get ready for the people.

In other words they are willing to give us 110% to promote the SCA, just for one night of our time. We pretty much have cart blanch for this demo as long as it does no harm or hurt the animals.

Please consider joining us at the zoo.

In Service to the Dream,

Baroness Sheelaegh — Seneschal of Loch Salann



WE NEED YOU!!!  On Saturday December 6th we have an amazing opportunity to put the SCA on display!  Hogle Zoo has invited the SCA to participate in their yearly promo called “ZooLights”.   This will be a wonderful opportunity to display to the community what we are all about.  We will have HEATED pavilion where we can demonstrate many of our Artisan skills!  The southern pewter castors will be demonstrating as will the Loch Salann Blacksmiths!  There will be areas for fighting!  Armored combat demos and Rapier demos are needed!

We need more!!!  We need singers!  We need musicians!  We need calligraphy and illumination displays!  We need artisans to show their stuff!  We need you!!!

YES you!  Dressed in your beautiful garb adding ambiance to the occasion!

Come dressed in your garb and you will get into the Zoo for free!

You don’t have to be a member of the Barony of Loch Salann to participate!  All are welcome!  Come help us make this an incredible demo!



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Questing Quill – November 2014

The November Questing Quill is now online.

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Solstice Court 12/13/2014

The summer crops have been laid away and preparations have been made; the longest night is nigh at hand. It is time to gather and celebrate before the long cold winter settles in. Come one, come all and join us, the Barony of Loch Salann, as we share warmth, food and laughter at our Solstice court.
Sing songs, tell tales, bring poetry to share, to delight and to inspire. Participate in the cribbage or the chess tournament. This time of year, as the outside turns dark and gray, we find comfort and joy in making our interior spaces beautiful as a reminder that winter does not last forever and in fact, the Solstice is a renewal. Bring your decorations and help make the hall beautiful. And let us not forget the youth! Lady Arianna and m’Lady Arabella have activities planned to keep the kids entertained and help get their creative juices flowing. A visit from Father Christmas could even be in order for well-behaved boys and girls!

For the complete write up, visit the links below:

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Questing Quill – October 2014

The October Questing Quill is now online.

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Winter Fighter Practice 2014

UPDATE 10/28/2014:

Loch Salann fighter practice this week (10/29/2014) will be held Wednesday from 6 – 9pm at the Northwest Community Center. http://slco.org/recreation/northwest/
We will be meeting in the community center on the west side of the parking lot, not the new recreation center on the North. We have a temporary arrangement for the next few weeks, to test this site to determine suitability. Feedback is very welcome. The address is 1255 Clark Avenue (300 North), SLC UT 84116. Hope to see you all there.

In service,
Lord Connall


As many of you may have heard, we have lost our winter site for fighter practice. We are actively looking for a new site. In the meantime Loch Salann Fighter practice will be held this week 10/15/2014 at Sugarhouse Park. Due to early sunset, we will be starting early. Connall will be on site with loaner gear as close to 5:30 as possible. Hope to see many of you there. We will post a weekly notice about the location of practice until a new site is found.

The light has gone from these lands once again, so it is time for the Loch Salann War Machine to move indoors and begin preparations for next years campaigning season.

Starting 10/01 Fighter practice will be at its winter site in the warehouse of the Zions bank building located at 1635 S Redwood Road from 7 to 9 PM. The entrance is located behind the bank (next to the drive through).

Please do not block the ATM and car pool lane (parking is somewhat limited close to the building).


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Questing Quill – September 2014

The September Questing Quill is now online.

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Questing Quill – August 2014

The August Questing Quill is now online.

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Barons War 2014

Baron’s War is coming! 8/8- 8/10

One Machiavellian scheme after another has plagued our fair realm. Plot and counterplot; lies, tricks, and deceit. It seems as if we are no longer in fair Artemisia but in Constantinople and the Byzantine Empire; that ancient land of intrigue. It will not be long until war erupts. The main antagonists in this sordid affair are the beautiful Barony of Gryphon’s Lair, and the most honorable and ancient Barony of Loch Salaan; however, in this perfectly Byzantine mess, any court or landed Baron, may sponsor fighters and lead them in to battle… to further their own schemes or those of their allies. Join us as the Barons air their grievances in red war.

This war will take place within the borders of Gryphon’s Lair at the Mount Ogden Archery range from August 8th – 10th, 2014.
Site: Mount Ogden Archery Range – Stoddard, UT
Directions: Address is approximately 1257 West Old Highway Rd in Morgan UT; Take your best route to I-84 in South Weber, Utah. From I-84 take exit 96 (Peterson/Stoddard). Follow the signs toward Stoddard. From the West, turn left, then at the ‘T’, turn right. About a mile down the road you will see the range on your right. Turn right at the Mount Ogden Archery gate.

Site fees
$5 NMS applies
Make checks payable to: Barony of Gryphon’s Lair
Camping :
Adults 16 and up: 15.00 weekend/camp.
Youth 5-15 YOA: 10.00 weekend/camp
Under 5: free
Family cap for weekend/ camp: 45.00
Single day:
Adults 16 and up: 10.00 day
Youth 5-15 YOA: 5.00 day
Under 5 : free
Family Cap: 30.00 day

Schedule of events:
The site opens a 12pm on Friday, and closes 12pm on Sunday. Activities include A&S displays and competitions, a glorious Bardic, a no hat/no belt party, and, of course, the fighting. More details to follow.

Event stewards:

Lady Mairwen verch Cerridwen (n_a_garcia@yahoo.com) and Perry Gordon

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Questing Quill – July 2014

The July Questing Quill is now online.

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Questing Quill – June 2014

The June Questing Quill is now online.

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